About me
I worked in tech for 13 years. Eventually I became aware that my passions for lovely homes, efficient organization and function, and excellent food, all merrily converged in the world of kitchen design. I went to work for a local cabinetry firm; loving everything about this experience, I decided to pursue a kitchen design career going forward. My aspirations are on temporary hold for a few years, however, to focus on being a stay-at-home mom (one daughter born in 2007, one son due in 2009). In the meantime, I satisfy my love of kitchens by avidly reading about kitchen design, discussing design, attending classes, etc. I am especially interested in "green" kitchen design (define as you will).

About my project
My husband and I moved from Denver to Portland and bought a new house in 2008. As we were hunting for houses, I realized that none of the kitchens would really fulfill me. My heart is in the kitchen. My husband and I live and thrive in the kitchen. None of the kitchens we saw felt like us, or our family.

The house we eventually purchased was built by investors in 2006. The kitchen is, therefore, fairly new, however, absolutely bland and generic in personality and function. It doesn't connect well with the rest of the house or the outside. A surprising number of materials and parts in the kitchen are already falling apart or showing wear beyond their two years.

We are remodeling the kitchen to transform this house into our home, and to create the space in which we want to raise our family. The kitchen is our area to stop, pause, and refuel... to nourish the body and the soul. We hope to turn the kitchen into an expression of ourselves, and a place that makes us feel happy and connected.

About this blog
I am writing this blog first and foremost for myself. In my path to explore my love of kitchens, I want to learn as much as I can from my own remodel. Choosing to logically organize and articulate my thoughts, concerns, and feelings, gives me another vehicle re-live the remodel experience. All in all, this blog is a good exercise in discovery and learning for me.

I am also writing this blog for friends and family (and others!) who are interested in my remodeling details. Comments welcome!