06 December 2011

About our backsplash

I am still asked frequently about our backsplash.  I thought I'd do a simple post so I could refer people here for answers.

Our backsplash is "Prairie Falling Water" made by Stone and Pewter tile company, purchased at Mosaic source:


There are several different color options, as well as different pattern and size options. I popped out tiles randomly here and there and filled them in with translucent glass tiles ("bars") from the same company.

I used Honey Silk (yellow), Sage Silk (green), and Tiger Eye Silk (red), according to my order. I used two sizes, as the rows within the fallingwater tile are not the same height. I think that they actually sell the falling water tile now with pieces already popped out for you. Not sure, but you could look into it. 

Mini Flat Bars:
 Honey Silk 1"x3"
 Honey Silk 3/4"x3"
 Sage Silk 1"x3"
 Sage Silk 3/4"x3"
 Tiger Eye Silk 1"x3"
 Tiger Eye Silk 3/4"x3"