26 June 2009

13 hours of Soapstone later

The soapstone fabricators returned on Thursday morning and worked straight through until the job was complete. This was about a 13h day. I never noticed them eating, though I know they have a lot of food in their truck. They got cleaned up and moved out about 9:45pm, quite excited to go eat dinner somewhere. I don't know how you can work 13 hours straight, involving lots of hard physical labor, and not take any kind of reasonably refreshing break. They did good work without rushing the job, though, so I am happy. They were definitely eager to hit the road back home (three hours away).

I'll let the photos and captions tell the rest of the story:

First task of the day: some final touchup on the main slab for the island, and maneuvering it into the house. They prefer to use this cart system rather than the big handles that I have seen granite crews use. They said they've seen those handles fail too many times to be comfortable that they are safe.

Main slab, in place, unoiled. Perfectly contoured to fit around the eased edges of the butcherblock. (Moulding will be added to the bare cabinetry panels on this end of the island.) I chose a slightly negative reveal for the sinks. (Historically, I have used and recommended a positive reveal.)

Framing and apron front for our induction cooktop. Sitting next to the griddle, I wanted the induction top to have a non-wood front of the same height as the Viking knob panel. I originally wanted to do metal counters here, but the cost was prohibitive. I went with a soapstone apron front instead - an idea that I so clearly remember coming to me as I was driving on the highway. One of those "a ha!" moments for me. This was the first time the fabricators have done an apron front for something other than a sink. Everyone all around is pleased with the outcome!

Unfortunately this photo also shows how dirty my camera is! I had no idea. Must find lens cleaner.

I couldn't resist and oiled the island. I didn't do the whole kitchen yet, but hope to do that this weekend. I'm finding it hard to get the "just right" photo of the island slab to really show its dramatic qualities. I'll keep trying!


Paul Anater said...

The apron front for your induction cooktop is brilliant. I've never thought of that before. Thanks for the tip! I'll credit you should one ever show up in one of my projects.

Ace's Lady said...

Oh... my... wow...

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