19 August 2009

Finished Kitchen Pictures

My original vision for this blog's start was to document the remodel as it progressed. I knew that I would be having a baby mid-remodel, yet ambitiously hoped to still add new content weekly. Our kitchen is now 99% complete and over the last six weeks, I've written just one post! And yes, this was my second baby, so I should have known better. At this point, I can still move forward with the subsequent phase of this blog, which was (and still is) to review the products I selected, design decisions that I made, and lessons that I learned.

I really hate the remodeling status of "99% finished!" To me, it is NEVER 100% done. Even if there is no more construction, there is always more decorating, organizing, furnishing, or other tasks. Given that a room's function often evolves over time, as well, it's impossible to ever completely nail the end of a moving target.

The decorating, organizing, and furnishing tasks all still remain for the kitchen. Regarding construction or installation, the following remains: paint touch-up, installation of kid's art cabinet components, addition of one soap dispenser, and a myriad of minor, very minor, punch list items.

Here is an album of finished kitchen pictures. A couple angles are really hard to photograph (for an amateur like me), as the windows create a good strong glare at seemingly all times of day. So much for the famous filtered light of the Pacific Northwest! You can click on the slideshow to go to the full album of photos, with captions and comments.


Paul Anater said...

Brava Rachele! You have a really great kitchen and I envy you your baker's-height counter. You've done a terrific job and it's be great to follow along.

mom2reese said...

It's so lovely to look at (I can't wait to fondle everything! Yes, I mean fondle, LOL!), but I love how functional it is.

The only thing that is tempering my kitchen envy is that you'll be designing my next kitchen in the next 6 months, and I'll be in the enviable position of having had TWO "kitchens by Rachele" :) :)

Megan said...

Vy, are you moving *again*?!

Oddly, I think my favorite part of the kitchen aesthetically speaking is the sink area between the corner over and your red cabinent. It just feels feels very clean and functional. Everything feels functional when you're actually in the kitchen, but I'm very drawn towards that space.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Now that the project is done and you have lived with a little while do you care to revisit the can lighting and dimmable reflector CFL issue and share your thoughts? I am looking at adding some can lighting to our living room and was considering the dimmable reflector CFLs. I plan on using the Lutron switch, now trying to decide on which CFL... I have seen the GE, and Feit bulbs locally. Have not seen the Phillips yet, but will look for them. The Feit bulbs are definitly less expensive, but if they don't perform why have them. I may just have to experiment and see which brand I like before commiting. How have the Philips bulbs worked out for you?


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