07 October 2010

GE Monogram Oven, Limitations

The sliding glide-out racks can be easily repositioned in the GE Monogram wall oven.

Still, I figured, I had plenty of room to let my dough double in size.

This rack is positioned in the middle of the oven (the 3rd position out of 5 possible)

Perhaps, I was wrong.

I do love love the proof setting on my oven. Yeah, it's a bit superfluous. I was easily able to proof bread without this setting. But, I still turn to the oven to proof my bread now. It's a nice way to know I have a mildly warm constant temperature; putting the dough in the oven keeps it off my counters. Whenever I have an easy choice to keep my counters less cluttered, I gladly take it.

This is, by the way, the dough from an awesome recipe for butternut squash bread. My favorite part is that the recipe makes three generous loaves. We eat one and freeze two. My daughter loves this bread, which she calls "yellow bread." I modify the recipe by roasting the butternut squash instead of simply cooking it. I can't imagine cooking the butternut squash without roasting, when it's so easy and tasty.
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kitchen cabinets said...

That looks especially delicious, albeit a bit congested.

michele said...

The dough looks fantastic. I can imagine what the bread will taste like!

Kitchen Wooden Signs said...

It looks great but don't you think maybe the rack should of been in the 4th position.

Anonymous said...

The dough looks amazing. But it looks like you need a bigger
oven . Beautiful though. Going to have to make me some "yellow" bread now.

Rachele said...

yes, I move the rack down now when I'm proofing :)

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